Friday, August 29, 2008

Barack Obama our Next President!

Throughout these past four days, as I watched the convention, all I could do was shake my head in bemusement, as the commentators and "analysts" made a drama of the Hillary/Bill/Obama story, and questioned the lack of "red" meat. In addition, nit-picking every little aspect - like whether or not it was a good idea to have the speech at the Mile High Stadium, whether the "greek columns", that the Republicans were making fun of as being too grandiose. It became so ridiculous, I had to switch to C-SPAN just to be able to watch the speeches.

But tonight, the end of the Democratic National Convention culminated with an amazing speech by Obama, where he framed the current problems we face, his solutions, and put out some punches to McCain for all the attacks that Obama has gone through. It showed that Obama was a fighter, and that you can attack him, but he'll take your attacks and smartly lob it back. His speech spoke to the American People, and sent a message of understanding and unity.

Check out his full speech:

This was an amazing convention, with unquestionable support from the Clintons given to Obama. In addition, we saw the passing of the political torch to the next generation by Teddy Kennedy. Obama's speech had hit the sweet spot, and I truly felt that I was watching history, and I could see even from my TV, how Obama was able to inspire the 75K + crowd!

At the end of his speech, with his family and Biden's family on the stage, the streamers and fireworks ended the Convention with a pomp and circumstance. It was quite exciting with the streamers and confetti raining down accompanied by the score from "Remember the Titans". The team at MSNBC were comparing it to the feeling of an Alan Sorkin's "The American President", the protagonist throwing down the gauntlet.
President Andrew Shepard: "We've got serious problems, and we need serious
people, and if you want to talk about character, Bob, you'd better come at me
with more than a burning flag and a membership card. If you want to talk about
character and American values, fine. Just tell me where and when, and I'll show
up. This is a time for serious people, Bob, and your fifteen minutes are up. My
name is Andrew Shepherd, and I *am* the President
Quite frankly, I think the McCain Campaign is freaked out right now. I did turn to the Fox News channel, they looked stunned, and tried to marginalize with superficial comments, but I think even Bill Kristol knew that his party was in trouble.

In addition, when I switched back to C-SPAN, and callers across the country were calling in, you heard the range of voters such as the Obama voter, the Hillary Voter, and of course, the issue voter such as the evangelical who couldn't vote for McCain, but couldn't find herself to vote for Obama due to Abortion and Gay rights issues conflicting with her religious viewpoints. I found it quite interesting that some people who are typical Fox News viewers or Limbaugh listeners, saw the convention on C-SPAN, and when they saw the Tribute of the Retired Generals, and saw large, distinguished group of Admirals and Generals all supporting Obama, realized that Obama could be a Commander-in-Chief. It's unfortunate but a lot of the core conservative voters tend to get their news from Fox News which considers itself "fair and balanced", but is usually accompanied with a lot of rhetoric and opinion, and quite often does not show the whole facts, which is why for example 12% of Americans think Obama is a Muslim.

I think the Independents and those against Obama, if they kept an open mind, and were able to see the convention and the various speeches, without interference from pundits, they may see the possibility in Obama. But I also know there will be those out there who still hang onto their hate and fear, and their irrational superiority of thinking that they know all they need to know about Obama and his policies. Those types of voters are a lost cause, but that's the nature of our democracy, we are all entitled to our opnion, and all of us have an opportunity to vote for what we believe.

Ironically and sadly, there is another hurricane, Gustav, headed for Lousiana, on the 3rd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The Republicans are all beside themselves about having their Republican Convention, partying it up, while another hurricane pounds the Gulf Coast. What's ironic, is that the "Family Focus" group had idiotically put out a video that encouraged members to pray for rain on the Democratic Convention during Barack's acceptance speech at Mile High Stadium. If these are the types of Christians that Republicans represent, I certainly don't identify with them, nor can they be considered any true Christian. So I wonder if they think that God is punishing the Republicans by putting another hurricane in their middle of their Convention?

Overall, I thought the Convention was an amazing one, and certainly filled with many memorable speeches, and for myself, I am so excited both by the sense of history, but the sense of hope, that after 8 years of division, fear tactics, greed, and idiodicy in the White House, we have a chance to elect a smart President with integrity that American can be proud of!
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