Monday, August 11, 2008

Re-inventing oneself

As everyone knows, part of the fun of watching any significant sporting event, will be the barrage of advertisements - think of the Super Bowl.

The Olympics are no different, with the millions paid by sponsors that range from the human interest to the cool and bizarre. One ad has definitely caught my eye - the Audi A4 Truth in Progress commercial.

The concept is so simple yet demonstrates the power image has to influence our thinking.

The image of the house being re-invented, the "traditional" (aka "old") interior transitioning to a modern ("new") interior - with even the dog being replaced from a "fussy" Irish Wolfhound to a "fun" dog - was wrapped up with the image of the Mercedes being replaced by the new Audi A4.

The message was clear and simple, and beyond the typical boring images that luxury cars usually rely on. Audi was able to make a direct jab at Mercedes by conveying the image that the modern luxury car has been re-defined by Audi.

This reminds me how important it is to not only be aware, but self-aware, and know when it's time to re-invent oneself or risk becoming stale.
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