Wednesday, September 10, 2008

John McCain - the Would Be War President

McCain seems to always be on the war path. He loves to go about on the campaign stump talking about winning the war in Iraq. he sings songs about bombing Iraq. His automatic belligerent and tough talk against Russia during the Georgia situation has provided us a glimpse of what kind of President he would be.

I saw during the Republican Convention, the crowd when talking about fighting terrorists and during the tough talk speeches given by the key note speakers such as Guiliani, Thompson, and of course McCain, and it frightened me, that we have simple thinking voters where they see War as a movie like "Top Gun", or a TV Show like "24", where war is glorified with clear cut heroes.

The reality is that war is not all glory and honor. War is destruction, death, and sorrow not only to the soldiers who are sent to fight them, but to the innocent civilians caught in the middle. This is why it must be taken as a last resort, and undertaken as coalition with the international community for a common good and just cause. But where we can, we must always try for diplomacy first.

See this video to really understand the impact of war


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