Monday, October 6, 2008

Israelis for Obama

McCain and Palin have signaled their intention to go despicably negative. They are playing the "association" game where they try and instill fear in voters. Their latest attack pathetically attempts to link Obama to William Ayers, a mild mannered professor at the University of Chicago.

They happened to serve on the same education reform board, but because Ayers once belonged to a radical domestic terrorist group in the 60's, a time when Obama was only 8 years old, they are trying to link Obama to a terrorist. All this, despite the fact that the NY Times has reported on this, and have concluded there is no substance to any real relationship between Obama and Ayers.

They slyly try to emphasize that because Obama's middle name is "Hussein" that he is a terrorist in voter's mind. I would hope that voters are not that stupid, and that they can see through the lies and the dishonorable political gimmick that the McCain Campaign is running.

Of course to counter this negative and sleazy atmosphere coming from the McCain Campaign, I have to refer to this amazing video that again spreads the positive message that Obama's campaign has been able to spread. a message of hope and support from the people of Israel.

I can only hope this video is going viral in Florida!

It's clear that the Israelis see Obama as the best candidate and hope for America and the Middle East Peace Process.
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