Thursday, October 23, 2008

Soundbites I never want to hear again after Nov. 4th

This election year has been fraught with soundbites, and here are a few that I hope I never have to hear again after Obama gets elected on November 4th!

  1. "Drill Baby Drill"
  2. "One heartbeat away from the presidency"
  3. Pitbulls (with or without lipstick)
  4. "Hockey mom"/"Soccer Mom"/"Wal*Mart Mom"
  5. "Joe Six-pack"
  6. "Joe the Plumber"/"Sally the hairdresser"/"Bob the Builder"/etc
  7. "Nobama"
  8. "Maverick"
  9. "I know how to [fill in action]"
  10. "Pro America"/"real America"
  11. "Anti-America"/"fake America"
  12. "Bridge to Nowhere"
  13. "reach across the aisle"
  14. "country first"
  15. "My Friends"
  16. Any phrase with a suffix "-gate" (lipstick-gate, trooper-gate, Neiman-Marcusgate)
  17. "POW"
  18. Any phrase with "moose" or "caribou" in it (Mooseburger, Caribou Barbie)
  19. "Straight Talk"
  20. "Surge"
  21. "Hail Mary Pass"
  22. "gotcha journalism"
  23. "Eastern Media Elite"
  24. "Main St"
  25. "Washington Outsider"
  26. "game changer"
  27. "in the tank for"
  28. "executive experience," especially in context with small town mayors
  29. Any phrase using "Elite" incorrectly
  30. Any phrase using "Socialism" incorrectly
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