Monday, October 27, 2008

Yellow College Republicans

I came across this video of College Republicans attending some sort of conference in DC, where they were fortunate enough to hear Tom Delay (aka "Hot Tub Tom") former Congressional Member and Campaign Finance & Ethics Violator. I realized that within 10 seconds, that this was really a showcase of the most pathetic excuse for college students. For some reason, they are able to successfully come across as a joke, with just enough earnestness to give one a creepy feeling. I found these students to be the typical "chickenhawk" Republicans who are able to spout the usual Republican Talking Points, without really knowing what they are talking about.

In any case, an intrepid individual took it on his own to interview these College Republicans to get an idea of what their views were on the key political issues of our day, in particular the War in Iraq. What ensued was almost as funny as something you might see on "The Daily Show". Unsurprisingly, many stated that the war in Iraq as a good thing, a necessary evil. Why? Because we are "taking the fight" over to them.

That's it - that's their reason. Put aside the fact that they are completely, and utterly dead wrong, what makes them total losers, is the fact that they are such war hawks, but when asked about future plans to join the military, not a single one has any plans to serve in the military. No National Guard service, no ROTC, nada, zip.

Funny enough, they all have excuses for why they can't serve. Some gave the excuse that they couldn't join the military because they were in college. Many gave the ever popular reason - debilitating health issues like trick knee or flat foot; otherwise you know it, they would be there on the front lines fighting. What's wrong with these Republican offsprings?? Why are they all so defective? One sad individual even alluded to mental problems not allowing him to join the military. The most pathetic was a fat kid who admitted he couldn't handle the physical requirements.

Above all else, this is something I don't understand, if there is a justification for war, why do we not have more people serving in the military? The percentage of the able population serving is at a ridiculously low level. Why isn't there more outrage and disgust about the lack of sacrifice on the part of the American public to do their part and pay for this war. Why is it that the American public has lost interest in hearing about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? I'm pretty certain that Paris Hilton is getting more coverage than the events in Iraq.

This is what I find concerning - these morons are the future who may potentially be in a position to influence the direction of the country by their votes, or even more frightening be in a position to determine policy like Dick Cheney or Paul Wolfowitz. They have no clue what War means. To them it's just a video game like Halo3 or potentially a war movie like "Top Gun", where the hero always gets the girl and defeats the bad guys, all while some over the top, testosterone pumped, cheesy rock music plays in the background.

No one has any sense of reality or acknowledgment of the ugly side of war, and most disappointing is how the topic of Iraq is handled like a football rally - usually with words and cheering about "winning" and "Victory". Exactly what did we win? What defines victory? Who did we defeat??

I do not profess to know what the soldiers, who have returned or are still serving, are feeling. Quite honestly if you haven't walked a mile in someone's shoe, you will never know their experience. But what's tragic is that these "College Republicans" don't even consider for a second, the ugly side of war; the potential mental challenges, confusion, death, anger, fear, and guilt that many of the returning soldiers coming back from Iraq or Afghanistan may be grappling with.

Ironically, Chickenhawk Republicans may say they support the troops, but just try to bring up the topic about raising taxes to fund the war effort; funds that would improve the Veterans Hospital, the GI Bill, and to ensure that the troops have the right supplies to do the job they need. Any mention of taxes, and immediately arguments come up about how taxes kill the economy and that big government is not the solution. They will point to the fact that tax hikes are not needed, that all that is needed is to cut the wasteful spending such as earmarks on Bear DNA studies or cut spending on welfare or unemployment. Or better yet, kick out all the illegal immigrants, and for sure we will be able to find the savings to fund the war. What they refuse to acknowledge is that the Iraq War has cost us over $3 trillion dollars, earmarks account for $12 to $18 billion dollars of the annual budget - you do the math.

If they had any smidgen of intelligence in their pea sized brains, they might eventually consider the horrors and sacrifices war brings. If they were truly living out the "christian" values that they believed in, they wouldn't deny the tragedy in the hundreds of thousands of civilians who have died in Iraq. Yet their attitude, along with many of the right wing republican base seem to marginalize the growing number Iraqi civilians who have died during this war as a nuisance. From their point of view, they are thinking "Why should we care about some dead Iraqis? They are all towel wearing muslims aren't they? All Muslims are terrorists aren't they?".

At least this is what's being said at McCain/Palin Rallies.

If they truly did have any capability for rational thought or open minds, then they would certainly be much more circumspect about the idiotic nonsense they are taught to spout. The unfortunate fact is they have been brainwashed by Republican talking points and Fox News, to the extent that they are now incapable of questioning or reasoning with any modicum of intelligence. Personally, it seems an education is being wasted on these characters.
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