Thursday, February 19, 2009

Did you know - Shift Happens 3.0

I saw this last year at a presentation at an internal townhall meeting within my company.

What's clear is that information and the way we use and access information is changing at unbelievable speed, that it begs the question, how are we prepared to meet the challenges of tomorrow? In what way are we prepared to continually innovate?

Quite frankly, if the Republicans had their way, we'd still be operating in the dark ages, with their disdain for science and research. Think of any funding for science, and they will find a way to make fun of it, and call it "pork" or act outraged because there is some innocuous sexual connotation. To them, the Theory of Evolution is hocus pocus.

I was reminded of this when coming across this on TIME
Variations of this video, called Did You Know?, have been floating around for years. It is the product of Karl Fisch, a school teacher from Colorado, and Scott McLeod, a professor at Iowa State University.
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