Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fired Up and Ready to Go for Obama

I truly believe that we are living in extraordinary times, and as Obama and Biden have both commented, the next 60 days are going to set the direction for the future of America.

Looking back on the election of George W. Bush, we have reached a point in our nation where we are divided in such opposing views. Bush who promised an end to divisive politics and to bring about bi-partisan collaboration, has instead delivered the complete opposite. After 8 years of Republican administration, we have so many problems facing us today, and the challenges we face for the future will be impossible to meet if we continue with the same failed policies of the Bush and Cheney Administration.

I was reading with interest the blog by Richard Schiff, well known for his role on the West Wing. I found myself somewhat identifying with his situation, except I had a relationship that came to an end due to difference of political opinions. Although it wasn't the only reason for the demise, it certainly didn't help.

This isn't a unique situation, all across America, there are common stories of politics coming between families.

For myself, as I read and watch about what's going on in the world, what has come out of the conventions, as I listen to what Obama and Biden have to say, it's so easy to see how Obama has been able to inspire and gain the attention of so many. His humility, his vision, and his belief that Americans can influence change from the grassroots level, all remind me that it starts with the individual to make the difference. I still firmly believe that Obama and Biden is America's best hope and with their election to office. I believe that our nation will become stronger and better.

This is an example of what Obama stands for, and how we can all get "Fired Up and Ready to Go" for Obama!

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