Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Decline of the Republican Party

I thought I couldn't be surprised or shocked to the depths and ruthlessness of the Republican Party, but it seems they still have the power to shock us.

They just showed a "tribute" of 9/11. How they could do this - to trivialize and use a nation's tragedy for political purposes is so reprehensible.

They have truly crossed the line, and it's clear that they truly have no sense of decency or honor.

If McCain wants to peddle his POW experience for political gain, that's his to use. However to use the death of so many Americans to further his political agenda is just indefensible.

What's worse is the audience are clapping their hands in support of this disgusting display of politics.

When one chooses to show a tribute in a memorial setting, with a non-partisan setting, with the families and people affected to share in a memorial is one thing, to replay the two towers slowly collapsing in a Republican Convention is a clearly not for any honorable purpose.

McCain has demonstrated yet again, he puts his political ambitions first.
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