Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President-Elect Barack Obama

The day is finally here ~ a day that is celebrated within the US, and around the world. What I find constantly amazing is the massive interest from people in the International Community in President-elect Barack Obama (it will be a wonderful thing to drop the "elect").

While some may say the end of American Exceptionalism is at hand, I am not entirely too sure. I think the end of American Exceptionalism as it relates to an "anything goes because we are Americans" or rogue cowboy style of leadership is certainly at an end. However, I still believe that what sets the US apart from any other nation is that we were created from a set of ideals, and not necessarily any one homogenous ethnic group. The fact is, the US culture, Constitution and history is unique and sets us apart from any other country.

President-elect Obama's inauguration represents a possibility that truly has not been a possibility in any other nation. I especially consider a homogenous country like South Korea or even France. As much as the French tout their Liberte and Egalite, they are still driven by nationalistic prejudice of all things French - even their politicians.

So I think back on election night, and the electrifying emotions that I felt on hearing that Barack Obama had become the new President-Elect of the United States, and it instills again an overflowing pride in my country and what we represent apart from any other country.

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