Thursday, October 16, 2008

Babies for Obama

After last night's debate, it does seem that there is fairly high probability for an Obama landslide. In addition, apparently the Scholastic News for Kids have projected an Obama Win!
In a poll of a quarter of a million students who are too young to vote, Democratic nominee Barack Obama sailed to victory with 57 percent of the vote while Republican nominee John McCain received 39 percent... Since 1940, student voters have accurately chosen all but two presidents...Scholastic officials say they’re likely mirroring what they hear their parents talking about at home — to a point, at least
So we know Obama has the Youth vote locked in, but what about babies? Well have a look at this video. Just a warning, this is almost too cute for words, maybe a little too much sugar! Obviously, we have some very smart babies here!

These babies clearly love being around a genuinely warm and caring person.

Here is Darren Garnick and his daughter, Dahlia. I read his submission to back during the Primaries, where he tried to get as many pictures of the Presidential Candidates with his daughter. It was a very funny post!

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