Saturday, October 18, 2008

Palin Snubbed by the Bush Administration

This was just too funny not to post on.

Given the intense negotiations on the Iraqi agreements that are currently underway, Secretary Gates and Secretary Rice thought it appropriate to update the Presidential Candidates John McCain and Barack Obama, they also informed Joe Biden. Noticeably missing was the other VP candidate - Sarah Palin.

At a press conference at the State Department, Sean McCormack was asked by reporters regarding Palin.
Q: You called Senator Biden, you called McCain. Did you also call Governor Palin?

McCORMACK: No. If you hadn’t noticed, she’s a governor. Not a senator or a congressman.

Q: She’s a vice presidential candidate.


Q: She also has extensive foreign affairs experience. (LAUGHTER)

McCORMACK: Right. I explained to you the reasoning behind the phone call.

Q: Maybe if this has to do with Russia, you would have called her.

So let's get this straight, they haven't bothered to update the VP Candidate on the Campaign Strategy about pulling out of Michigan, and they don't bother to bring her up to speed on the Iraqi War Negotiations.

A small part of me feels a little bad for Palin, and how her career is most likely ruined, as she has now been characterized as a cartoonish, pathetic politician - worse than Dan Quayle. McCain brought her up to the big leagues way too soon. But then the feeling goes away pretty quick when she opens her mouth.
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