Saturday, October 18, 2008

Focusing on the Middle Class and yes "Joe the Plumber"

I've posted before on the tax policy comparison of John McCain and Barack Obama, but this chart really does provide a stark contrast between the two candidates. This information comes from the Brookings Institute Tax Policy Center:

During the debate on Wednesday, the Joe the Plumber became an overnight sensation. What's ironic is that in all this hoopla about Joe the Plumber, he would actually benefit MORE from Barack Obama than John McCain. This is what I call "cutting off one's nose to spite the face".

Unfortunately, Joe found out the hard way that 15 minutes of fame can come with it's own problems. Initially everyone was tickled by this Joe the Plumber character, until they found out that a) He was not really a licensed Plumber b) He made only $40,000 a year c) He wasn't truly an undecided voter.

The Daily Show as always has a very satiric view of the Media frenzy and the comedy surrounding Joe the Plumber.

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