Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Wins Last Presidential Debate

Well the Insta-polls have come in and again it looks like an overwhelming win for Obama!

Things that the viewers who were watching didn't like - McCain's response on Education, Abortion (McCain lost female voters here), and the constant dragging conversation on Ayers.

Obama gave a very eloquent response on the topic of Abortion. I was really irritated by John McCain's patronizing "finger quotes" around the concern of the mother's health as it relates to late term abortions.

It quite frankly angers me that this hypocritical party that shouts for independence, free rights for guns, and reducing government intrusion would dare tell me what to do with my own body, and make decisions on my health. McCain cavalierly dismisses women's preferences and their health by saying to women "You have no choice, you must have this baby even if your life is in danger".

This is a right already guaranteed by the Constitution, this is NOT something that liberal politicians want to implement. It's already existing!

Viewers definitely preferred Obama's responses regarding Health Care. McCain's "deer-in-headlights" was very amusing when Obama shot back that Joe-the-plumber would pay $0 in fine. McCain was clearly caught off guard.

Biggest problem for McCain is that it is now Oct 15th, and there is less than 20 days until the Election. Early voting has already begun, with Obama picking up a majority of the early votes.

McCain has failed to make the case that Obama is a risky candidate, as he lurched from attacks on Ayer and ACORN to the economy.

McCain was definitely coming off as angry and I was really hoping for that "A Few Good Men" moment - you know what I mean "You can't handle the truth!"

He was definitely in danger of losing it. His constant interrupting and smirks were definitely starting to grate on my nerves. And from the looks of things, it was also grating to those necessary Independent Voters, who McCain just lost!
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