Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama Kicking A$$ in St. Louis - Saturday Open Post

Saturday, 2:15 pm

I have to say I am exhausted. I can't wait until the election is OVER and Barack Obama becomes the 44th POTUS. I am swamped at work, and this election news and blogging is not helping me.

Today, Barack Obama is in St. Louis with a crowd of approximately 100,000!!!

Of course McCain's Campaign would just say that this is clear evidence of Obama being in "Anti-American" locations vs "Pro-American" places.

Witness Nancy Pfotenhauer's big mouth (is anyone else creeped out by her constant smiling? I swear she's like one of those Austin Powers "Fembots", all of McCain's female surrogates are like that - they have these creepy smiles) saying how Northern Virginia is not part of "real Virginia".

Right... It's not enough for them to separate America into Red States vs Blue States. No they have to separate even States between Pro-America and Anti-America (or as John McCain's brother puts it Commie Country)

So would this apply to Roanoake and Virginia Beach? Home to major Virginia Military bases that is projected to go for Obama? Are they a bunch of commies too?

Saturday, 3:15 pm

Now I've got to get back to work that I am behind on darn it! I've got to earn my paycheck so I can continue to donate to the DNC.

It is my patriotic mission in life to ensure that these politicians, in particular, never attain office again:
  1. Sarah Palin (AK) - For trying to create an American "Taliban" nation
  2. Saxby Chambliss (GA) - For beating out disabled Vietnam Veteran Max Cleland, a 3 time amputee through vicious smears.
  3. Peter Roskham (IL) - For beating out Iraqi Veteran Tammy Duckworth, who is a decorated Officer who lost her limbs in service through vicious smears.
  4. Michelle Bachmann (MN) - McCarthyistic skirt wearing politician who wants to turn America into another "Taliban". She's also a Bush 43 stalking fan. Witness her intense desire to kiss him at the SOTU. Literally she wouldn't let go, until she got to kiss him. Creepy!
  5. Eric Cantor (VA) - For just being an idiot and who risked America sliding into financial meltdown by whining about Nancy Pelosi being mean.
  6. Roy Blunt (OH) - Racist Idiot who would suppress votes.
  7. George Voinovich (OH) - Racist Idiot who would suppress votes. Maybe they should just move to Zimbawe. They do a lot of that kind of thing there I hear.
  8. Lynn Westmoreland (GA) - Racist Idiot who doesn't know the 10 Commandments

This business with ACORN and the risk to stuffing ballots is PURE BS. Yes there are some minor problems with false voter registration cards being collected, BUT ACORN pulls out those false registration before submitting to the State Elections board. Further more 20 Tony Romos would not be processed because of lack of proper data. Voter caging, voting intimidation, and suppression however is un-democratic, immoral, and illegal. All of these tactics to scare the public about voter fraud is like crying fire in a crowded theater.

The Ohio GOP would have you believe that because some overworked data entry person who accidently mistyped your name as Joe Wurtzelbacher vs Joseph S. Wurtzelbacher, that it should be grounds for removing you as a voter. If you do exact comparison matches Joe vs Joseph is not the same thing.

Every vote should count, regardless of who that vote is for. If John McCain garners the most vote, fair and square, I will accept that. But I would hate to think that the GOP thinks that they can only win by cheating and scaring away voters.

Here's the thing, leaving Iraq doesn't dishonor the men and women who fought to bring democracy to Iraq. Making a mockery of our democratic process dishonors the more than 4,500 troops who have lost their lives.

Rachel Maddow (my favorite lesbian, Rhodes Scholar Political Pundit) quoted:
We need to make sure our democracy stays vibrant, law abiding and respectful. In some respects we are a beacon for the world. As much as the Constitution has done for us, the American democratic example can do for the world.
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